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The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a scheme introduced specifically for
Self-Employed construction workers.

Sub-contractors, such as yourself, often get paid through a contracting company -
a specialist company that deducts and pays your tax over to HMRC and issues you with a contractor statement.
We work side by side with many CIS Contracting Companies that deals with tax and payments for workers, and if you go through them then this could be a huge advantage to you.
For Example;
All workers going through Ardent Tide Ltd get the following FREE benefits with us:

  • View Contractor Statements Online
  • 24/7 Change Personal Details
  • Speed up phone queries with your MateCard©
  • Your tax refund BACE figure will be updated every week following your pay
    (Scroll down to find out more about BACE)
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Log in to our Online Portal and have a wealth of information at your fingertips. We are the first to introduce a BACE System (Best Average Calculation Estimate). The BACE figure is updated every week to show what tax you are entitled to so far.
So as your income data is updated - so is the BACE, which means that you will be given reliable information all the time. BACE System is created and managed by CHGSystems

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