Introducing the 24 hour Online Tax Return

The old fashioned new way

From the moment we are authorised as your agents, the clock starts ticking and it will take us no more than 24 hours to action your Tax Return. If you are entitled to a refund then, we will make payment to your account in 24 hours. It’s that simple - all for one, all inclusive, fee.

Why is it so simple, and so fast?

Technology? No. The key to our success is insightful adaptation. It’s our 25 years of experience and expertise that makes us the formidable foe to your average accountant and if you mix in our in-house team of tech gurus - you get something truly beautiful and unique, our easy to use Easy Return Online Portal, designed by the feedback we get from you.

All Online, easy for all

We have painstakingly worried over every little detail to make the process of submitting a Tax Return as simple as possible.
Our 25 years of experience has given us insight in how to best serve our clients, and the result is a truly beautiful and simple Easy Return Online Portal that is as feature rich as is simple to understand and use.